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Maintenance of side sewers, from the building to the City main, is the responsibility of the private property owner. The City’s responsibility is the maintenance of the sewer main, including the tees, wyes and risers at the main.When your side sewer pipe fails and causes a blockage, sewage from your home can back up in your pipes and surface through your sinks, toilets, bathtubs and other building drains, causing a health issue as well as a potentially expensive mess. Potential failures can be easily detected by a simple inspection before they cause a serious problem

 Buying a new house or building one can be overwhelming. Most banks require a septic inspection when purchasing a home. We are certified to do O&M inspections. We also understand when under contract "time is of the essence" is critical in these time.

If you need a new Septic or Repair

we can help you with finding a Septic Designer and  directing you with the  paperwork/permits with the county.

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Skagit County requires that your septic system gets inspected yearly and ever 3 years for a gravity system. Just like your home or car, your septic system needs regular attention and maintenance to function for many years to come. Regular maintenance starts with inspections! Inspections can help identify and repair small problems before they become large issues that can cause illness, pollute water, and compound into larger more expensive repairs or a system failure. Timely inspections and active management of your septic system can keep it operational for much longer than with system abuse or neglect

Best to be proactive and have a healthy system then have a failed septic system.


Do's and Don't to make your septic last


No Grease

No "septic safe" wipes of any kind

No female products

No Birth Control "covers"


Over 30 years experiience to provide you with confident professional service.  Leaving no mess behind............


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